Surfehjelp for raude nerdar

Surfing aid to red nerds

This page contains assorted links to web pages that may or may not be of interest to people that associate themselves with leftist politics. You will find political parties, news services, educational services etc - many of them belonging somewhere to the left - but some are very much not so. The contents of the pages linked to are in no way studied thoroughly or approved by the webmaster or any other body of the host. The introductory texts are cut-and-pasted from the linked pages, and thus reflect their self-image. The listings are sorted alphabetically. Additions to the list will come when I hit new pages of interest - and have the time. You may of course suggest listings to the webmaster. Also available is our links page. This page is hosted by AKP (The Workers' Communist Party of Norway).

Last additions: March 10th, 2002 - Now in alphabetical order!
Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO)

Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought has been the ideological banner of the ALO ever since its formation in 1973. The ALO understands Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought to be the ideology of the working class against all deviationist, eclectic and anticommunist ideological and political currents. Despite the extreme persecution and hardships imposed by world imperialism and regional reaction on the revolutionary movement in Afghanistan and despite the fatal blows the movement has suffered with the martyrdom of its leaders and the decimation of large numbers of its cadres and members both during and after the War of Resistance, the ALO has staunchly and consistently defended its ideological banner and has striven to adapt the principles of its ideology to the specific characteristics and circumstances of our revolution.


Africaservice was established in Norway in 1997 and privately financed by Dele Olawole an Electronics engineer with more than twenty years of experience in Radio and Television broadcast. The Goal Is To Make It Easier For People Looking For Information About Africa From Around The World To Find It Without Having To Comb The Whole World Wide Web. Besides Africaservice Is Determined To Participate In Narrowing The Gap Between The North And South by [...]

Alliance for Workers' Liberty

We propose to every working-class activist who wants to do something about politics, rather than leaving it to Blair, that they join with us in a fight for a workers' government. We should form a common front to fight in the trade unions, in the Labour Party, on the streets and at the ballot boxes for working-class political representation. We aim for a government of a Labour Party reclaimed by its working-class activists and purged of the Blair machine, or of a new workers' party based on the trade unions, (...)

Anti-Fascist Action (Storbritannia)

Anti-Fascist Action was formed in 1985. The founding statement committed AFA to provide 'physical and ideological opposition' to the Far Right. Since then AFA has faithfully fulfilled this role, playing a pivotal role in the fight against fascism.

Anti-Fascist Forum

Anti-Fascist Forum is an info-group which collects and disseminates information and analysis on fascist activity and anti-fascist resistance. Its aim is to build anti-fascist politics into an assessment of the ground-level situation across North America, particularly in relation to areas where the far-right are most organised.

Antiimperialist Camp | Campo antiimperialista

The Anti-Imperialist Camp is a coordination that was constituted in August 2000 by organisations and movements from all continents. Political differences did not prevent these organisations from coordinating in order to give strength to the common struggle against the common enemy: imperialist globalisation.


Arbetarmakt ges ut av en revolutionär kommunistisk, trotskistisk organisation med samma namn. Arbetarmakt är den svenska sektionen av Förbundet för en revolutionär kommunistisk international (FRKI). Vi grundar vår politik på Marx, Engels, Lenins och Trotskijs skrifter, på Kommunistiska internationalens fyra första kongresser, Internationella Vänsteroppositionen och Fjärde internationalens första två kongresser. I korthet står vi för följande: Kapitalismen är ett system som grundas på profit och på minoritetens exploatering av majoriteten. Den går inte att kontrolleras demokratiskt. Dess återkommande kriser skapar massarbetslöshet, fattigdom, ekonomisk ruinering och skärper motsättningarna mellan borgarklasser i olika länder. Om inte kapitalismen avskaffas kommer den på sikt mynna ut i krig om marknadsandelar, diktaturer som kväser arbetarklassen, ekologisk kollaps och barbari. Vi är för socialism, ett globalt system där storföretag och banker ägs av samhället och där ekonomin planeras demokratiskt för att tillfredsställa mänskliga behov. Målsättningen måste vara ett statslöst kommunistiskt samhälle helt utan förtryck och sociala skillnader, där var och en arbetar efter förmåga och var och en tilldelas efter behov.

Asian American Revolutionary Movement Ezine

Website For Radical Asian American Perspectives

Asre Jadid

Asre Jadid (New Era) is a discloser and radical newsletter. It is the result of hard work and strong ambition and intention of a group of communist activists and fighters, who fully realise the harshness and urgency of fundamental and revolutionary changes in the present situation in Afghanistan, which is claiming intense sacrifices from its victims comprising of workers and common people. The inhuman and adverse condition which has pushed for many years the helpless people of this country towards uncountable miseries without any hope for a better future, and unfortunately the situation is still getting worse. It has been two decades since the sworn anemies of humanity and freedom, under the name of former Peoples democratic party or the recent Islamic groups with the help of their international supporters have continued with killings and terror in its worst shape and has turned this part of the earth into a hell.

Association of Indian Progressive Study Groups (AIPSG)
Athol Books

This site gives information on political, historical, and literary work produced by various small publishers.

Attack International

Crass, Conflict, Anarchist Books, Posters, Badges; from Words of Warning to Dischord, it's all in here. So check out the site!

A World to Win

A World to Win has been inspired by the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, announced on March 12th, 1984, which has regrouped many Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations from around the world. It is not an official organ of RIM. Its pages are open to all those on the same side of the barricades in the fight against imperialism and reaction.

Azanian Peoples Organization (Azapo)

The vibrant embodiment of black consciousness in Azania.

Bandera Roja En Línea (Puerto Rico)
Barricada Collective

Barricada is a non-partisan, non-hierarchical collective within the radical leftist spectrum with the principle aim of producing and distributing revolutionary propaganda and news. We work to build class-consciousness through the distribution of radical left wing culture and ideas as an alternative to the State and the capitalist system. To this end we distribute pamphlets, fliers, newsletters, and other forms of propaganda, as well as participating in initiatives which are in line with our general ideas and beliefs.

The Basler Afrika Bibliographien

The Basler Afrika Bibliographien (BAB) houses the only Namibia Resource Centre in Europe and the only Southern Africa Library in Switzerland.

Biographical Sketches of the Left

There is a Left in America. That is a fact of life. To deny it, is to deny the existence of a far-flung establishment whose members have been working tirelessly for decades to Socialize, or - if you please - Sovietize the United States. To determine why any particular individual would have become a leftist is not the purpose of this study. He may have arrived on the Left, motivated by genuine idealism, incurable do-goodism, scholarly curiosity, compassionate brotherhood, or by nothing more harmless than a search for adventure. The motives may have been a crasser nature; financial, political, or social opportunism; dedication to Socialism or Communism or some variance of these alien totalitarian systems. What does matter for these sketches is that the individual has been and is on the Left, working for leftist causes - domestic and foreign - and his activities can be recognized.

Bulletin for the Emancipation of Labor

We Are For: The right of every worker to unionize. The absolute political independence of the working class from all the bosses' parties, the Greens, the Democrats, and the Republicans. Union Rights and Union Power in a Workers' Republic, a society led by labor and freed from exploitation. International Workers' Solidarity: Not the immigrant, and not the worker overseas, but the boss, is the adversary of labor. Massive labor-Black mobilizations against the fascists.

BUND (former Der kommunistische Bund) (Japan)

Der kommunistische Bund was instituted in 1958. We have acted as the most famous new left party in Japan. After the collapse of communism, we changed our platform and name. We are going to change Japan to a complete republic without the Emperor system. We go on with an antiwar movement. We also act with a view to environmental sustainable society.

Protester med kaseroller

Castro Speech Database

"Castro Speech" is a database containing the full text of English translations of speeches, interviews, and press conferences by Fidel Castro, based upon the records of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), a U.S. government agency responsible for monitoring broadcast and print media in countries throughout the world. These records are in the public domain.


Chihuahuaboy is a production of: The Children's Communism Workshop and is brought to you by grants from: The Cruelty Foundation for the Inhumanities, The Y2K Conspiracy Fund, The Meat Institute, and Satanism America World Wide.

Class Against Class

Welcome to Class Against Class, a site dedicated to reclaiming the Theory & Practice of Class Struggle from authoritarian groups or those who would presume in some way to act on behalf of the working class.The significance of the name 'Class Against Class' lies in our recognition that despite the numerous & varied developements Capital has undergone as a result of working class pressure, the basis for its' existence remains in the 'real' process of production & reproduction, in the expropiation of surplus value by capital (i.e wage labour); in its simplest form we work for them. Who 'we' consists of, the question of 'work', & who 'they' are, are of course open to debate & we welcome recent discussions of 'class recomposition', the role of unpaid labour in reproduction, the 'refusal of work' etc.

Class War

Therefore the aim of the CWF is to increase the militancy and self awareness of the Working Class in defending their interests and solving their problems. We do this through propaganda, active participation and debate as equals.

Cold War International History Project (CWIHP)

The Cold War International History Project disseminates new information and perspectives on the history of the Cold War, in particular new findings from previously inaccessible sources on "the other side" - the former Communist world. The project supports the full and prompt release of historical materials by governments on all sides of the Cold War, and seeks to accelerate the process of integrating new sources, materials and perspectives from the former "Communist bloc" with the historiography of the Cold War which has been written over the past few decades largely by Western scholars reliant on Western archival sources. It also seeks to transcend barriers of language, geography, and regional specialization to create new links among scholars interested in Cold War history.

Collection of Political Stickers
Communist History Network Newsletter

Welcome to the on-line edition of the Communist History Network Newsletter (CHNN), a twice-yearly publication concerned with all aspects of current historical research into the life and work of communists and communist parties across the world.

Communist International [Marxist-Leninists]

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha! Long live Communism and World-Revolution! Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat! Long live the Communist Parties / Marxist-Leninists all around the world and their unification in the Communist International! Long live the Comintern/ML, the reconstruction of the III. Comintern!

Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist
Communist Party of Great Britain
Communist Voice - a magazine of revolutionary theory

Communist Voice - the successor to the Workers' Advocate - works for the rebirth of communism by fighting for anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism. It opposes both market capitalism and the state-capitalist regimes (such as Cuba or China today or Russia and most of Eastern Europe yesterday) which falsely call themselves socialist or communist. It deals with the world crisis of revolutionary theory, analyzes what happened to the revolutionary movements of the past, and opposes Stalinism, Trotskyism, anarchism and reformism. The day will come when revolutionary communism is once again the banner of the militant proletariat in struggle for its liberation.

Communist Workers' Organisastion

UK Affiliate for the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party

Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. We believe that consumers are best helped not by government regulation but by being allowed to make their own choices in a free marketplace. Since its founding in 1984, CEI has grown into a $3,000,000 institution with a team of nearly 40 policy experts and other staff. We are nationally recognized as a leading voice on a broad range of regulatory issues ranging from environmental laws to antitrust policy to regulatory risk.

Contrainformación en red

Qué es Nodo50? Somos un proyecto autónomo de contrainformación telemática orientado a los movimientos sociales, una asamblea independiente que proporciona servicios informáticos y comunicativos a personas, grupos y organizaciones de izquierda, un servidor de Internet en el que confluyen voces antagonistas y alternativas desde un amplio espectro político; un centro de encuentro, difusión y contrainformación para l@s sin voz, disidentes, subversiv@s, utópic@s y desencantad@s... nada más y nada menos.

A Chronology of Nuclear Threats

Our mission is to correct the wrong conceptions which grew out of the 1917 revolution and to lay the theoretical foundation for the 21st century.

Cymru Goch

Cymru Goch was formed in 1987 and fights for a Free Socialist Wales. Only the workers of Wales can free themselves from this joke called British democracy. A Welsh workers' republic would replace rotten Brit royal rule. Our socialist democracy means communities having the power to run themselves and workers controlling their own lives. Swapping one elite for another - whether in Brussels, London or Cardiff - is no choice. Workers control is essential because the free-market system is failing us so badly. The total rejection of the Tory party in Wales has not freed us from Tory rule. London-backed Quango rule and corrupt councils will continue to flourish under the Labour's pink Toryism. Our language and culture are treated with contempt - a few crumbs of grant-bribes are tossed to tame middle-class politicians and pressure groups while the working-class communities that sustain the language are ripped apart by unemployment, low pay, ill health, poor housing and drugs. We want a socialist alternative for Wales and the world - our vision is local and global. A Welsh Socialist Republic will end the injustices tearing our country apart: to abolish poverty we must get rid of the rich. The politicians want your vote so they can line their pockets. Rather than trusting politicians, we believe people can change their lives through community resistance. This grassroots socialism gives Welsh workers control over our future rather than passing power from one set of bosses to another. If we're going to be free, we'll have to do it ourselves.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Official web site

Democratic Socialists of America

Democratic Socialists of America share a vision of a humane international social order based on equitable distribution of resources, meaningful work, gender and racial equality, a healthy environment, sustainable growth, and non-oppressive relationships.

DHKC - (Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi - Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Front)

We are fighting for the liberation of our people: Turkish, Kurdish and all other nationalities; We are fighting for justice, equality, and conditions of life that are fit for human beings.

Dispatch online (Sør-Afrika)
Documentary Resources on the Nazi Genocide and its Denial

This server provides full texts of essays and lists Internet resources on the nazi genocide and its denial. It has been initially put together since 1995 with the help of concerned volunteers listed below, acting as individuals. Many thanks to them.

Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo Insurgente

El Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo Insurgente es una organización revolucionaria mexicana que lucha por una verdadera democracia y un profundo cambio social. Una de las bases fundamentales de nuestra existencia es la necesidad de autodefensa que tiene el pueblo mexicano para proteger sus esfuerzos y avances en la transformación de la sociedad.


EmergencyNet News (tm) 24 Hour News, Information, Analysis and Coverage of Disasters and Major Emergency Events. All news articles appear here first, before being moved to the specialty pages for long-term archiving and reference purposes. "We ask ONLY to be judged by the value of our information."

Ernest Bevin Society

Ernest Bevin, 1881-1951. Major contributor to the building of British Trade Unionism, to the victory over Hitler and to the 1945-1951 Labour Government that created the highly successful system that Thatcher attacked in the 1980s. Largely rejected by the left in the 1970s as being too authoritarian, and also for not having carried through a Leninist revolution in the 1940s. (A lot of the characters who made such criticisms are now New Labour, and have often accepted the New Right argument that Adam Smith had proved socialism to have always been impossible.)

The Exile

Russian magazine

FES Nepal

The last ten years have seen tremendous changes in the life of the people in Nepal. Democracy was re-introduced, the number of civil society organizations has grown dramatically. Many international institutions have come to Nepal to assist its efforts in bringing about prosperity, improving human rights conditions and consoldation of democracy. Friedrich Ebert Foundation of Germany is one of the international non-governmental organizations in Nepal. It is proud to be part of the Nepalese development process.

The Fire By Night Organizing Committee

The Fire By Night Organizing Committee is an organization committed to the revolutionary overthrow of the existing oppressive social system in the United States and around the world and to the creation of a society based on real power to the people. We are active participants in a variety of social struggles who have come to the conclusion that the real needs of the people can not be met unless there is a social revolution that smashes the oppressive social relations and institutions that keep people from exercising control over their own lives.

Flame online

We are publishers completely independent of any political parties, pressure groups or corporate interests. We proclaim ourselves as freethinkers who believe in the power of language, the imagination and the open dissemination of all information. Flame is an investigative journal dedicated to exposing the secret histories behind myths and ideologies. We support the struggle against injustice throughout the world, in particular the rights of the unrecognised nations and indigenous peoples. We oppose the globalisation of the "free market" and support the discussion of alternatives to capitalism and mass consumerism as we enter the 21st century. As a journal we also dedicated to exposing the growing power and threat of unaccountable corporate and military blocs - perhaps the biggest threat to world peace today. Flame aims to give a voice to political prisoners and others silenced for speaking out. We will also provide a window into underground cultural movements.

Freedom of information act - FBI

In early 1975, the FBI assigned a handful of employees the task of handling an anticipated influx of Freedom of Information Act requests due to new legislation. Although the Freedom of Information Act had been in effect since 1967, it did not apply to investigatory files compiled for law enforcement purposes, thus generally exempting FBI files from public access. By the end of 1975, amendments to the Freedom of Information Act had become effective and the Privacy Act of 1974 also became effective. The passage of these laws provided for broad access to FBI records which previously had been severely limited.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

FRSO is a Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States. This website contains information about our organization, our politics and some of our activities in the people's movements.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

In this tumultuous period, many left forces around the world have retreated from revolutionary politics. We could have reacted to the crisis by giving up on the revolutionary struggle, and becoming a reformist organization. But we believe that capitalism and imperialism threaten any hope for social justice, peace and human dignity. We look out on a world-wide crisis of hunger, disease, environmental destruction, poverty and economic collapse. The system of global imperialism threatens the survival of all life on this planet. Nothing short of revolution can answer this threat. Now is the time to build revolutionary organization; not only to rebuild the struggle for progressive social change in this country, but to conduct a "refoundation" of Marxist theory. The challenge is ours to apply the hard lessons that we have learned in the last decade to the body of Marxist knowledge; to build a wiser and better socialist movement that can carry us through the next century.

Freie Arbeiter Union / Anarchistische Partei (FAU/AP)

Die Freie Arbeiter Union/Anarchistische Partei (FAU/AP) wurde 1983 in der Tradition der revolutionären Arbeiterbewegung gegründet. Grundlage für die Tätigkeit der Partei sind der Wissenschaftliche Sozialismus und die objektiven Interessen der Arbeiterklasse. Die FAU/AP ist damit die revolutionäre Vorhut der Arbeiterklasse in BRD und besetzter DDR. Ziel ist die gewaltsame Zerschlagung des kapitalistischen Ausbeutersystems mit seiner Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft, die nur dem Profit des Kapitals dienen, und seine Ersetzung durch die sozialistische Räterepublik zwecks Unterdrückung der Konterrevolution und Umgestaltung von Produktion und Gesellsschaft hin zu Freien Klassenlosen Gesellschaft der Anarchie, verbunden mit einer Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft die der Bedürfnis-befriedigung der Menscheit dienen, statt dem Profit einer Ausbeuterminderheit. Schluß mit Rücksichtnahmen auf das System! Unter-stützt die FAU/AP! Nehmt Kontakt zur Partei auf! Werdet Mitglied der Partei oder ihrer Massenorganisation SCHWARZE GARDE! Solidarität statt Konkurrenz!

Freie Deutsche Jugend

After the GDR was annexed by the FRG in 1990 the Free German Youth organisation was nearly totally smashed. But the F.G.Y did not break up. The number of members went down rapidly till 1992 but has been relatively small and solid since then. In 1994 young friends from West Germany joined our organisation and founded sections in different greater West German cities. Today the government does not fight the F.G.Y. by banning it, but it is using the help of the "Treuhand" (judicial trustee). This is a trust administration which was used even in World War Two to get hold of other peoples' property in all parts of the world. And also today this administration, managed by the government of the FRG, is used to get hold of the GDR property to put it in the hands of the Federal Republic of Germany and the capitalists. The same means was used to damage the GDR enterprises and to expropriate the massorganisations. The F.G.Y. is to pay costs that run into millions which are only due to the change of systems. On the other hand its property was expropriated before this demand was made. All this aims at breaking up the Free German Youth organisation by using economic power.

From the Sixties ... to the Future

I'm Bobby Seale. The old cripple-foot Revolutionary Humanist. For the younger generation, many older friends say to me, and will tell you, that I'm some kind of sixties Black Panther ICON! No, No! I'm not a "Panther" sports figure. That's right! I'm the same Bobby Seale who was the founding Chairman of the Black Panther Party [BPP] in October 1966. The National organizer of 5,000 plus people in the BPP chapters and branches across the USA while my buddy, the other co-founder, Huey P. Newton, sit in jail as a political prisoner.

Front Social

Front Social est une association fondée en 1995, à Boulogne Billancourt, en France. Boulogne Billancourt, un lieu historique pour la classe ouvrière, puisque les usines Renault ont été jusqu'à leur fermeture son symbole. L'association a comme but l'étude des nouveaux mouvements sociaux contemporains, et publie la revue "Triple Oppression". Front Social considère que le maoïsme est la seule méthode juste dans les sciences sociales.

Generic Trotskyist League (40%off) | We Are Trotskyists And We Know How To Rap

Whether you care or not, international finance capital is expropriating the surplus labor time of this planet's labor force at ludicrous speed. In the meantime, a specialized cultus of intellectuals infuriated with the passivity of the oppressed has suceeding in extending the life of Trotskyism as an ideological play thing for weekend gatherings much on the order of Dungeons and Dragons role playing games. Not many people care about this, but for those people with too much time on their hands who get interested in this stuff there is now a group for you! The Generic Trotskyist League (40%off) is selling the same good Trotskyist ideology for a fraction of what most others charge! We don't send anyone out in the rain to sell newspapers and we have great chants! Best of all, with the Generic Trotskyist League (40%off) you can be a hero of the class struggle in the privacy of your own home.

Green Left Weekly

Green Left Weekly is Australia's radical weekly newspaper. In these days of growing media concentration, Green Left Weekly is a proudly independent voice committed to human and civil rights, global peace and environmental sustainability, democracy and equality. By printing the news and ideas the mainstream media won't, Green Left Weekly exposes the lies and distortions of the power brokers and helps us to better understand the world around us. Green Left Weekly, launched in 1990 by the Democratic Socialist Party, the socialist youth group Resistance and other progressive activists to present the views excluded by the big business media, is now Australia's leading source of local, national and international news, analysis, and discussion and debate to strengthen the anti-capitalist movements.

Green Party of the United States

The Green Party of the United States is a confederation of state Green Parties. Formerly known as The Association of State Green Parties (ASGP), we have now changed our name to the Green Party of the United States. We are in the process of forming the Green Party National Committee.

The Greens/Green Party USA

We Need You to Join The Green Alternative! Become part of our Network of Green Issue and Electoral Activists working together to create a Sustainable and Just Society! Most Greens work in groups called "Locals." We have hundreds of Locals around the US, with more starting every month.

Héroïque nouvelle brigade Norman Béthune (UQAM)

L'Héroïque nouvelle brigade Norman Béthune est un front idéologique de masse qui intervient à l'UQAM. Sa mission est: 1) Promouvoir l'exemple inspirant de Norman Béthune et dénoncer ses ennemis notamment en (...). 2) Inciter les militant-e-s qui se considèrent conscient-e-s politiquement à se soumette à une direction idéologique et politique du prolétariat notamment en (...)

Industrial Workers of the World

IWW is a Union run by the rank-and-file. It's foundations lie in direct action, solidarity and workers control. IWW believes in revolutionary industrial unionism and the abolition of capitalist wage slavery.

Institute for First Amendment Studies

The Institute for First Amendment Studies, a (...) non-profit educational and research organization, was founded in 1984 by former fundamentalist minister Skipp Porteous and attorney Barbara Simon, to expose and counter the political activities of the Religious Right. Today the Institute is a national clearinghouse for information on theocratic movements in America. With monitors in almost every state, and a small staff of researchers, writers, and computer specialists, the Institute gathers data and prepares newsletters and reports about groups and individuals who pose a threat to First Amendment freedoms.

Institute for Public Accuracy

As a nationwide consortium of policy researchers, the Institute for Public Accuracy seeks to broaden public discourse by gaining media access for those whose perspectives are commonly drowned out by corporate-backed think tanks and other influential institutions. With systematic outreach to mass media, the Institute promotes the inclusion of outlooks that usually get short shrift. The Institute's news releases provide well-documented analysis that is pegged on fast-breaking events while focusing on fundamental issues.

Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy

Studying the political, international, and security affairs of Russia and the NIS (Boston University)

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations
International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations
International Library of the Communist Left

The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

In today's global village, regional conflicts extend beyond national borders. The International Policy Institute seeks international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism, paving the way for multilateral action against terrorist networks, benefactors, andstates sponsoring terrorism. ICT is a research institute and think tank dedicated to developing innovative public policy solutions to international terrorism. The Policy Institute applies an integrated, solutions-oriented approach built on a foundation of real world and practical experience. The Institute sets its sights on the big picture: to win the war against terrorism and not merely the individual battles. Although ICT provides situational recommendations to the private sector, this is a peripheral activity. The Institute aims to affect policy at the highest levels, in joint cooperation with the world community.

International Socialist Group

The ISG is a revolutionary organisation committed to the overthrow of the barbaric capitalist system. We are active across England, Scotland and Wales in fighting the many attacks on working people being meted out by the Blair government. We are the British Section of the Fourth International, and work together with our comrades in many other countries across the world in resisting the neo-liberal offensive of which New Labour is such a champion.

International Socialist Movement - a Marxist Platform in the Scottish Socialist Party

Our objective is socialism. Our aim is not to humanise or improve capitalism but to replace it with a new social and economic system. This flows from our analysis of the contradictions of capitalism, leading to the conclusion that this system has long outlived any historical usefulness. We do not counterpose in an abstract way socialism to capitalism. We present it concretely, by relating the struggle for socialism to the day to day problems that working class people face. That is what we mean by the transitional approach.

International Socialist Tendency

The International Socialist Tendency is a grouping of revolutionary organizations. We are committed to socialism from below and the construction of revolutionary parties in every country.

In These Times

In These Times is a newsmagazine committed to extending political and economic democracy in the United States and around the world and to opposing the dominance of transnational corporations and the tyranny of marketplace values over human values.

It's About Time

The It's About Time Committee is committed to preserving and promoting the legacy of the Black Panther Party (BPP) and its programs of community survival pending social change. We will commemorate the historic legacies of the BPP as well as the many sacrifices and constructive contributions that all of us made while serving the people body and soul. We have the responsibility to place our own experiences into historical context; otherwise the legacy of the Black Panther Party will be ignored, dismissed and distorted by today's commentators and tomorrow's historians.

Japanese Communist Party

The Japanese Communist Party, inheriting the progressive and revolutionary traditions of the nation, was founded on July 15, 1922 as a party with scientific socialism as its theoretical basis in the midst of an upsurge in the struggle of the Japanese people and the liberation struggles of the world's people, which included the Russian October Socialist Revolution.

Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist faction)
The John Gray Web Site: For Communism

This site is intended to make communist, anti-capitalist and historical texts available on-line and to link to texts on other sites. The site has been organised to group some texts and links by author and subject.

Jose Maria Sison

The International Network for Philippine Studies (INPS) has initiated this website in response to long running requests from Filipino compatriots and friends in various countries for a focus on the writings and other activities of the INPS chairman Prof. Jose Maria Sison.

The Labor Party (Taiwan)

The Labor Party is the political party of those who labor by both hand and mind. It speaks for the workers, farmers and fishermen, and seeks to protect the interests of the broad wage-earning classes. The Labor Party advocates socialism, upholds social justice, supports the oppressed and underprivileged and demands an equitable distribution of social resources in order to achieve the full development of both society and its individual members. The Labor Party is opposed to bourgeois democracy, which inevitably leads to oligopoly (rule by the rich) and a government which represents only business interests. We oppose those elements which give rise to economic recession and social disorder. The Labor Party calls for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, ending the state of civil war and cross-Straits military crises, moving gradually towards reunification with a high degree of autonomy for Taiwan. We seek stability and prosperity for Taiwan and are opposed to dependence on Japanese and US imperialism, for which Taiwan has forfeited the right to determine its own path of development.

Labor Standard

Labor Standard presents analysis of current and historical events of special interest to the organized labor movement, but also relevant to the struggles of people of color, women, gays and lesbians, and environmentalists. Labor Standard additionally explains the basic principles of revolutionary socialism to militant workers, radical students, and young activists who are for the first time engaging in radical political action. Click here for Labor Standard's Statement of Purpose. Labor Standard is as well committed to building and strengthening the Labor Party as the best political alternative to the false choices offered by the Democratic and Republican parties.

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe

First published in 1977, LFEE is an independent critical journal that deals with European politics: international relations, political parties and currents, labour movement organisations and the political, economic and security aspects of European (East-West) integration in the post-Cold War period. It has a special interest in the process of social and political transformation that is taking place in Central and Eastern Europe and pays particular attention to the political currents and organisations of the labour movements in these countries.

Labour Party Pakistan

Founded in 1997,The Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) is the fastest growing left party in Pakistan. With a strong trade union support, the LPP is attracting youth and students as well. Its students wing National Students Federation (NSF) is fast emerging as a national level students' force. LPP's organ weekly Mazdoor Jeddojuhd is the largest trade union and left wing weekly in Pakistan.

League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP) - Communist Organization for the Fourth International (COFI)
Left Russia - a political weekly is published by a group of labor activists

The Lenin Museum in Tampere

In these pages you will find information about the Lenin museum in Tampere Finland, the only normally operating Lenin museum in the world. In addition to interesting information about the past, present and future of the museum and the facilities it offers, there are facts about V.I. Lenin himself, and especially the role he played in the independence of Finland.

Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire (Section Sarthe)

Section Française de la Quatrième Internationale (SFQI)

Linea Rossa (Red Line)

The party 'Red Line' speaks to those workers for whom becoming educated means developing in themselves a socialist consciousness (Mao), The party thus wishes to encourage the growth of comrades who, as a recognized vanguard, are developing a modern revolutionary process: the 'refoundation' of a communist party made up of organized comrades, following the true line of the masses and the prevailing of the 'red line' (coherence of values, and of strategy and tactics) in the dialectic of the class struggle, internal and external to the party of the proletariat. The party is opposed to the 'black line': opportunistic, bureaucratic and sectarian awaitism; the infiltration of the ideology of the bourgeois classes into the party of the working class; and dogmatism and sectarianism in the working-class movement (Lenin).

Malcolm X

This is a comprehensive website on the life and legacy of Malcolm X.

Maoism in Finland Page

The Communist wing of the leftist movement has traditionally been much stronger in Finland than in e g in other Nordic countries. The most apparent historical reason for that is the Civil War in 1918 and the white terror, which left bitter wounds in the mentality of the finnish communists. One could say that the heritage of the terror, the memory of the victims was stronglyalive until the 1980s.Another apparent reason is the geographical location of Finland close to Russia.

The Marxist Labour Party

The MLP is a party of the working class. The Ideological - theoretical basis of the party is Marxism - the dialectico-materialistic doctrine of Marx-Engels-Lenin about the emancipation of the working class. The MLP does not consider it possible to use the term " Marxism-Leninism " as reflecting the eclectic method of approach to social phenomena, which gained a foothold after Lenin's death.The party sees its task in enlightenment and organization of the workers for them to seize political and economic power with the purpose of construction of a classless self-governed society .

Marxism mailing list

The Marxism list is a worldwide moderated forum for activists and scholars in the Marxist tradition who favor a non-sectarian and non-dogmatic approach. It puts a premium on independent thought and rigorous but civil debate. While it is a high-volume list, it has a very good "signal to noise" ratio. It is also globally representative, with subscribers from over 15 different countries.

Marxist-Leninist Newswire

As to the internal struggle, it is worth remembering that it was precisely Chairman Mao Tse-Tung who has magnificently developed the understanding of the struggle within the Party as a reflection of the contradictions of the class struggle and between the old and the new in the social world. More so, he proposes that the struggle within the Party is the struggle between two lines which covers its entire process of development and if such contradictions and struggles did not take place 'the life of the Party would end'.

Marxist-Leninist Translations and Reprints

This site contains translations into English (and some into Spanish), as well as some reprints in the original language, of materials from Marxist-Leninist Parties (as well as some other revolutionary or progressive organizations) around the world. This site is not the official site of any of these parties, but is meant to share with English (and Spanish) speaking readers some of this material that may otherwise not be available. The positions expressed in the material are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of the web-site administrator.

Mexika Eagle Society

Mexika Eagle Society is a Xikano - Mexikano organization which is dedicating to advancing the struggle for Indigenous liberation and the de-colonization of our lands. In order to more effectively participate in such a struggle, we believe that a well developed ideological program is necessary. The purpose of the following position paper is to clarify the ideological direction of our organization, and to provide a solid foundation from which the Mexika Eagle Society can develop and grow.

Middle East Newswire

Exclusive news reports produced by our own network of reporters, stringers & editors from the Middle East and North African regions. Our newswire goes beyond the headlines to accurately reflect the political, economic, social and cultural realities of the Middle East and surrounding regions.

The Militant

A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people

Movement for a Socialist Future

The Movement for a Socialist Future unites all those who oppose the rule of the global corporations and "Third Way" governments like New Labour. We support all those fighting injustice, people struggling everywhere for cultural independence, self-determination and diversity and in defence of the environment. We campaign for a new, not-for-profit society based on co-operation not competition, with mass democratic control of the economy and the state.

Museum of Soviet Calculators on the Web (Moscow)


National Committee for Marxist-Leninist Unity

In 1998 we started a campaign that called on all Marxist-Leninists, Communists, to form a joint committee to overcome the petty-bourgeois, sectarian deviation that characterizes the Communist movement at the present time. To this end, we put forward the slogan of the United Front of Communists, to allow Marxist-Leninists to work together in spite of the differences separating them.

National Democratic Front of South Korea
Neue Einheit - Zeitschrift für Politik, Ökonomie und Kultur
New Dawn Magazine

New Dawn is a journal devoted to publishing ideas and information that are dangerous, unusual and challenging. We are dedicated to breaking through the wall of delusion and disinformation. Moving beyond the subtle conditioning of 'consensus reality' and the duality of left/right ideological dogmatism. New Dawn brings together the 'political' and the 'metaphysical' to assist people in the transformation from consumer idiots to critically thinking, aware and developing individuals.

News Line

News Line is our daily paper. It is a socialist paper and gives particular coverage to Trades Union and International news. (British section of the International Committee of the Fourth International.)

New York Socialist Alliance Project

Many revolutionary groups in recent years have announced, with an appropriate sense of modesty, that they do not see themselves as the vanguard party nor even as its future core. They see instead the need for development of a party, or even parties, which unite existing and yet-to-be-founded organizations of which they will be just one part. As a new and very small group, the New York Socialist Alliance Project has even more modest aims: we hope to initiate concrete projects for joint discussion and action among the above-mentioned groups. At the same time, at the risk of sounding immodest, we hope to educate against one form of substitutionism that has arisen as the flip-side of the necessary rejection of caricatures of Leninism: the dilution of a group's own politics while waiting for the formation of a broader socialist group or alliance, as if such a dilution can somehow hasten the coming of that broader entity.

Northstar Compass

Northstar Compass is a monthly magazine containing the latest news and views of the struggles of the Soviet peoples against Yeltsin's capitalist regime and its imperialist backers. It includes English translations from communist and progressive newspapers in the former Soviet Union. These news items are not printed in the capitalist media.

Organisationen for Rekonstitueringen af Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti (ORDKP)

ORDKP tager ved sin dannelse marxismen-leninismen-maoismen, hovedsageligt maoismen, som sit ideologiske grundlag og vil anvende den skabende til de konkrete forhold i vort land, for at virkeliggøre revolutionen. Marxismen er ikke et dogme, hverken noget stift eller dødt. Den er proletariatets videnskabelige ideologi, der gennem sin skabende anvendelse til forholdene i landende verden over, bestandigt udvikler sig. Marxismen er en dialektisk enhed, der gennem spring når nye etaper, hver gang marxismens tre bestanddele - marxistisk filosofi, politisk økonomi og den videnskabelige socialisme - samlet er blevet kvalitativt udviklet.

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC)
Partido Comunista de España (reconstituido)
Partido Comunista del Peru - Patria Roja
Party for Socialist Power - Communist Party (Turkey)
The Party of Labor (Turkey)
Party of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

The name of our party, the "Party of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat" is a concise and vivid expression for a party for the working class.  It does not seek power for itself!  Its principal aim and task is to continuously support and raise the level of unity and organization of the entire working class to such heights that the organizedworkers themselves will truly be their own masters in the brigades, the factories, towns, and indeed the whole country.  Clearly, according to the teachings of Marx and Lenin, such a situation will, in fact, signify genuine proletarian socialism.  The program of our party presents these ideas in a precise and we hope well-grounded fashion.

Pastors for Peace Watch

Exposing the religious left and its support for tyranny in Cuba.

Patty Hearst online

An account of the kidnapping of Patricia Campbell Hearst and the events that followed.

Phase 1

Phase 1 ist eine politische Organisation, die Teil ist der radikalen linken Bewegung. Bei phase 1, die im Januar 2000 als Verein in Luzern gegründet wurde, sind Leute aus unterschiedlichen linken Zusammenhängen aktiv: Leute aus autonomen und antifaschistischen Kreisen, aktuelle und ehemalige Mitglieder traditioneller ArbeiterInnenparteien (PdA, SAP, POCH, Izquierda Unida bzw. PCE Spanien, JUSO), Gewerkschafter und Unabhängige. Nach dem Zerfall der Staaten im Ostblock, der anschliessenden Lähmung der Linken, der Auflösung traditioneller linker ArbeiterInnenparteien und dem neoliberalen Kurs der Sozialdemokratie waren wir Linken in der Stadt Luzern gezwungen, unsere Kräfte zu bündeln und die ideologisch bedingten Gräben zu überwinden. Was uns Mitglieder von phase 1 verbindet, ist die Analyse der Klassen- und Herrschaftsverhältnisse, die Freude am dialektischen Diskurs und die Einsicht in die Notwendigkeit gesellschaftlicher Veränderung. Unsere Ansichten sind Ausdruck unterschiedlicher linker Positionen und Bestandteil der pluralistischen Zusammensetzung von phase 1. Unsere internen Debatten erachten wir als notwendig und konstruktiv.

Polish Socialist Party (PPS)

PPS is neither part of the "Solidarity" camp nor part of the postcommunist alliance. PPS is the workers party and its roots reach the non-passing, humanistic values of the movement that has had the hundred years tradition of fighting for independence, democracy and social justice.

Popular Front for the Liberation of the CPSA

The Popular Front for the Liberation of the CPSA has been in existence for 22 years and is a democratic and open organisation which supports no political faction within PCS but fights to expose manoeuvring and hypocrisy wherever they occur and from whichever clique. We also keep a close eye on how the members subs are (mis)spent. We fight for the following list of demands. Note that our earlier demands have been met in whole or in part. Replacement of the NEC with a Revolutionary Command Council. The abolition of all forms of balloting and its replacement with the Popular Will of the Masses (Also applies to "electoral colleges"). Conference to be held in a place beginning with "B" (transitional demand met in full). ...

Progressive Labour Party (UK Section)

The former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China returned to capitalism many years ago. Capitalism, not communism, is failing all over the world. The two-stage strategy of first socialism, then communism, failed to lead to communism. It led back to capitalism. Therefore, we must fight directly for communism. Communism means abolishing nation states, which are an expression of capitalism. One working class, one party, one world. Communism means abolishing racism by building multi-racial unity and internationalism. Communism means abolishing sexism. Communism means equality. No money. No wages. People working based on their commitment to each other and to building a communist society. Just as we do now in the Party. Communism means the Party leads society. Millions of workers-eventually everybody-must be won to be communist organizers for this to work. We must all give and receive leadership from each other. Communism can be won only through armed struggle by masses of workers, soldiers, students and others, to destroy the dictatorship of the capitalist class and set up a dictatorship of the working class. Fight for Communism!

The Public Eye

Welcome! Political Research Associates is an independent, not-for-profit research center which monitors and analyzes those organizations, leaders, ideas, and activities of the US political right that undermine democracy and diversity.

Public Information Research

Links on Academia, Assassinations, Big Business, Cults, Drugs, Elites, High Tech, Intelligence, Media, Military, Nazis, Organized Crime, Repression, Scandals, Terrorism, UFOs, U.S. Foreign Policy, Vietnam War

Race Traitor

The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race, which means no more and no less than abolishing the privileges of the white skin. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue, domestic and foreign, in U.S. society. The existence of the white race depends on the willingness of those assigned to it to place their racial interests above class, gender, or any other interests they hold. The defection of enough of its members to make it unreliable as a predictor of behavior will lead to its collapse. Race Traitor aims to serve as an intellectual center for those seeking to abolish the white race. It will encourage dissent from the conformity that maintains it and popularize examples of defection from its ranks, analyze the forces that hold it together and those that promise to tear it apart. Part of its task will be to promote debate among abolitionists. When possible, it will support practical measures, guided by the principle, Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.

RASh Futbol

RF exists to link left and militant anti-fasicist football fans around the globe. Though started by anti-fascist skinheads from the RASh network, RF links any supporters willing to take the fight to capitalists and bigots who think they can take our game. RF is about fighting back and standing together. It means as much or as little as any crew wants to make of it. But most of all we need one another.

Red Encyclopedia

This is a website designed to increase knowledge concerning left-wing, radical, environmentalist, socialist, communist, anarchist, and pacifist movements in America and abroad. Since the formation of the United States, it has always been the "left-wing radicals" in their numerous forms (abolitionists, suffragists, de-segragationists, feminists, pacifists, etc.) which have been responsible for positive change in our society over the centuries. You may have come to this site looking for the history behind the current anti-globalization, anti-capitalist, pro-environmental movement. Or you may have been curious as to what the other side of the Cold War believed. Or you are tired of the tired and conservative politics of the Republicans and Democrats and are looking for a radical alternative.

Red Politics

There have been two issues of Red Politics published to date. No further issues of the journal are planned at this stage.

Red Sun magazine

Communist Party of Peru

Revolution (New Zealand)

Revolution, a new magazine looking at current world affairs and contemporary social, economic, political and cultural trends from a critical, Marxist perspective. In a period of lowered horizons and increased social regulation, revolution's about boldly championing the prospects for material progress and human liberation. The starting point for us is an understanding that the continuance of capitalism cannot provide such progress and emancipation.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
The Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey

TDKP announced its foundation at its First (Foundation) Congress held on 2 February 1980. However, the roots of the communist movement in Turkey and the process of the TDKP's construction go very far back. The TDKP was founded in an ideological struggle against the opportunist heritage and tradition. TKP (The Communist Party of Turkey) was the first communist party in Turkey. It was founded in 1920 as a branch of the Communist International. A short while after its foundation, the founders of the party, under the leadership of Mustafa Suphi were murdered as a result of a plot by the Kemalist movement. Although TKP remained as a member of the Comintern in the following period, it followed a compromising-opportunist and bourgeois-tailist policy.

Revolutionary Democracy

Revolutionary Democracy is a half-yearly theoretical and political journal published in April and September from India. It contains materials on the problems facing the communist movement, particularly relating to Russia, China and India, the origins of modern revisionism, the restoration of capitalism in the USSR and developments in the international communist movement.

Revolutionary Parties, Organizations and Websites

My main interest is in collecting information on groups that more or less meet one of the following critieria: self-identify as anti-revisionist, carry out significant anti-imperialist/anti-colonialist activity even if they are not explicity \Marxist(-Leninist-Maoist-etc.), promote or lead insurrecutionary activity even if they have not explicitly renounced "revisionism", contributed to the history and development of non-Trotskyist revolutionary opposition to "revisionist" communism. Finally, I have also included some links to parties that are clearly "revisionist" if they happen to use "Maoist" or other "anti-revisionist" language.

Revolutionäre Aufbau Schweiz

(...) Für diesen revolutionären Prozess steht der Revolutionäre Aufbau Schweiz ein. Wir sind in verschiedenen Gruppen organisiert, welche in den Bereichen proletarische Jugend, Betriebskampf, Frauenkampf, Migration, AntiFa, proletarischer Internationalismus, politische Gefangene und Rote Hilfe tätig sind. Wir sind parteiisch und bringen Informationen und Analysen aus proletarischer Sicht, berichten über unsere praktische Arbeit und stellen diese wie auch unsere theoretischen Auffassungen zur Debatte.


Ruckus is a local revolutionary anarchist collective from Phoenix. (We are not associated with The Ruckus Society.) Since the summer of 2000 our political study has been geared toward the development of a proposal to create a national/continental anti-authoritarian revolutionary organization. Our goal is to develop a proposal for a) a set of politics, b) a program, c) a strategy, and d) an organizational structure for such an organization. In developing this proposal, we have studied the politics, programs, strategies, and structures of various revolutionary or radical organizations.

The Sarmatian Review

The Sarmatian Review is a scholarly journal on the history, culture, and society of Central and Eastern Europe, with strong attention to Poland, the post-Soviet period, and American emigration and ethnic issues. Recent issues have covered religion and state, the mass media, higher education, literature, inter-ethnic relations, and government and politics. The Sarmatian Review is published three times a year in January, April, and September.

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement

The SRSM stands for: 1) An Independent Scotland. 2) Workers' Control of Industry. 3) A Non Aligned Nuclear Free Scotland. 4) A Scotland Free of Racism and Religious Sectarianism.

Scottish Socialist Party

Stands for the socialist transformation of society. To replace capitalism with an economic system based on democratic ownership and control of the key sectors of the economy. A system based on social need and environmental protection rather than private profit and ecological destruction.

The sixties papers

Documents of a Rebellious Decade

SOA Watch/NE

SOA Watch/NE is an organization which educates the public and Congress about the atrocities committed by graduates of the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA). As part of a Pentagon PR campaign, the SOA was recently renamed: The Western Hemishere Institute for Security Cooperation. The SOA is located at Ft. Benning, Georgia and trains hundreds of soldiers from Latin America each year. Many of its graduates have been responsible for some of the worst human rights violation in our hemishphere, including the massacre of more than 900 civilians at El Mozote; the execution-style murder of six Jesuits priests; the assasination of Archbishop Romero; and the brutal rape and murder of four U.S. churchwomen. This website and its links will offer you revealing insights into this "School of Assassins" and some of the issues which relate to it.

The website is a not-for-profit research project initiated by Wyith Limited. The vision of this project is to form an online rendezous for non-violence socialists sharing similar visions, building in all conscience a peaceful and ordered socialist society, regardless of race and nation.

Socialist Alliance (Australia)

The Socialist Alliance in Australia is working towards a truly fair and sustainable society. The transition to such a society will require fundamental social, political and cultural changes which will only be possible through the involvement of the clear majority of people. We believe there is an alternative to the neo-liberal agenda of successive Labor and Liberal governments that has put profits before peoples' needs. Privatisation, user-pays and enterprise bargaining has cut living standards and government services, creating a growing gap between rich and poor while social provision and services are cut and the hopes and livelihoods of people are smashed. This is an alliance of socialist parties and socialist individuals supporting a common action platform for the next federal elections and also around which we seek to build campaigns involving trades union and communities to fight for the resources and services that workers, unemployed, women, pensioners, Aborigines and migrants, really need.

Socialistisk Standpunkt

Socialistisk Standpunkt er en marxistisk avis, der har som mål at samle alle, der ønsker at kæmpe for en socialistisk omdannelse af samfundet. Den er organ for den marxistiske tendens i den danske arbejderbevægelse og udgives af en gruppe arbejdere og unge, der er aktive i bevægelsen og ønsker at forbinde de daglige krav og kampe imod forringelser og for forbedringer med kampen for et fuldstændigt brud med kapitalismen og opbyggelsen af et demokratisk socialistisk system. ... Socialistisk Standpunkt tilslutter sig Leon Trotskijs analyse og kritik af Sovjetunionen og de andre stalinistiske stater og tager klart afstand fra den stalinistiske fordrejning af marxismen.

Socialist Labor Party of America

The Socialist Labor Party (SLP) is the original party of socialism in America. Organized as the Workingmen's Party in 1876, the Party was renamed in 1877. As the only nationally organized party of socialism in America until 1900, the SLP attracted Socialists of all tendencies to its ranks. However, the Marxist element became dominant by 1890, when the Party was reorganized on a Marxist basis. The SLP has played a prominent role in the economic and political life of the United States. It ran the first socialist presidential campaign in 1892, and fielded national tickets in every presidential campaign through 1976. The Socialist Industrial Union program, as the SLP program is known, developed by Daniel De Leon (1852-1914), is a continuation of Karl Marx's ideas on a workers' government. In all essentials - political and economic classwide organization, the breakup of the state, workers' democracy, the seizure of social power by the organized producers and their socialist reorganization of the economy - the SIU program of the SLP conforms to the democratic premises underlying Marx's concept of socialism.

The Socialist Labour Party (Storbritannia) (Arthur Scargill)

The Socialist Labour Party was formed on May Day 1996, after New Labour abandoned any pretence of being a Socialist party, ditched its historical commitment to common ownership and openly embraced capitalism and the 'free market'. Socialist Labour, with policies for full employment, housing, education and a restored National Health Service, is a natural home for Socialists and the millions of people throughout England, Scotland and Wales who feel disenfranchised or dispossessed by injustice and inequality - including all those whose lives are blighted by unemployment, homelessness and poverty.

Socialist Worker Party (Japan)

The SWP is a new workers' political party based on Marxism organized in 1984. The SWP rejects the nonsensical talk on the part of the bourgeoisie and intellectuals who say, "Marx is the antiquated thought of over one hundred years ago, and already outdated." We also reject the view of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) that "since Marxism refers to the name of one particular man it is more appropriate to use the term scientific socialism." We make our standpoint clear, and declare openly that we base ourselves on Marxism.

Socialist Workers Party (Storbritannia)

Solidarity is a socialist organization dedicated to forming a broad regroupment of the U.S. left. We include activists from many long-standing socialist traditions, as well as younger members from newer movements. We rely on the richness of our traditions and the creativity and experiences of our younger members to foster and develop a forward-looking socialist vision.

The Spanish Revolution and Civil War

This site contains both original articles and one of the most extensive set of hyperlinks to information on the Spanish Civil War available on the Web.

The State of the Republic

This site is devoted to advancing the cause of freedom. "Republic . . . it means people can live free, talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober, however they choose." -- John WayneFor the best pro-liberty news in the world, read Lew Rockwell every day!!

The Terrorism Research Center

Founded in 1996, the Terrorism Research Center, Inc. (TRC) is an independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism, information warfare, critical infrastructure protection and other issues of low-intensity political violence and gray-area phenomena. The Terrorism Research Center represents a new generation of terrorism analysis combining expertise with technology to maximize the scope, depth and impact of our research. The TRC maintains a network of terrorism and information warfare specialists drawn from industry, government, and academia in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina, France, and Australia.

Tiocfaidh Ar La Fanzine

The fanzine ’Tiocfaidh Ár Lá!’ (TAL) has existed since January, 1992, when we launched our first edition. ... Celtic Anti-Fascists (CAF) has officially existed for about four years although some of us were already involved in Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) for a couple of years before that. It was basically the AFA supporters within the fanzine who pushed for a supporters organisation that took direct action against racism and fascism within the ground and among our supporters.

Die unbekannte Opposition in der DDR

Ende der 70er Jahre gründete die damalige KPD/ML eine illegale Sektion in der DDR. Sie kämpfte gegen das Regime der DDR, das sich immer noch sozialistisch nannte, es aber schon lange nicht mehr war. Sie entwickelte sich schnell zu einer der wichtigsten Oppositionsgruppen der DDR. Anfang der 80er Jahre wurde sie von der Stasi zerschlagen. Hier dokumentieren wir Artikel aus dem Roten Morgen und Flugblätter aus dieser Zeit. Die Sammlung wird ständig erweitert.

Unión de Juventudes Socialistas (UJS-MST) (Puerto Rico)
The Utopian

The Utopian is a website and magazine for people interested in anarchist, antiauthoritarian, and libertarian socialist thought. Our publishing group includes anarchist members of the former Revolutionary Socialist League and Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation, and other activists.


Our mission is to follow the direction the US foreign policy is heading with regards to Latin America, Cuba, Carribbean;with special emphasis on Colombia. Utopiaunarmed presents the facts sans propaganga, misinformation, or the editoralizing of the news. Present the facts as they are, not as the government wants us see them. Utopiaunarmed approaches the entire foreign policy with cyncial eye. Analize the manny contradiction of the US policies, re, human rights, war criminals, war on drugs, interferring in internal affairs of another country, education, work, wages, living conditions are of great concern in one part of the world, while in another part the US ignores the situations. Utopiaunarmed also trys to bring the local perspective, how the people, media, church, activist, students, workers, landowners, governments officals, any other who live, work, are part of the culture. Utopiaunarmed also seeks and encourages people who have a perspective, point of view, ideas, opinions on these subject to contact us directly with information. Especially if you want the information published without linking the story to any one individuals.

Venceremos Brigade

The Venceremos Brigade is a work brigade that has been traveling to Cuba for 31 years. We perform volunteer work because it creates a genuine connection between brigadistas and the Cuban people. Helping to build schools, hospitals, apartments, and cutting cane year after year, the Venceremos Brigade has made it clear that we support Cuba's revolution as the Cubans define it.

La Verdad Obrera (The Workers' Truth) - Partido deTrabajadores por el Socialismo

Is the PTS' biweekly newspaper with a circulation of 20,000 issues. The section "Labour Informations" covers most of the pages in it, and is open to ordinary workers who denounce the exploitation at the workplace, the betrayals of sold out union leaders, or else report on their day-to-day fights against the bosses. The paper has widely circulated in factories, hospitals, schools, colleges and also among state workers in the cities of Córdoba, Rosario, Neuquén, Mendoza, Jujuy, Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires. It is funded through voluntary contributions done by workers and students themselves at the workplace and in the universities across the country.

Voice of Revolution - US Marxist-Leninist Organization

Voice of Revolution is organized to meet the needs of the workers' and communist movement. We report on the struggles of the working class and people, provide concrete analysis of present day conditions, and bring forward solutions to problems faced by society.

Voices from the Underground

Radical Protest and the Underground Press in the Sixties - an Exhibition

Vote for Workers World Party
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a 140-page magazine published 10 times per year in Washington, DC, that focuses on news and analysis from and about the Middle East and U.S. policy in that region. The Washington Report is published by the American Educational Trust (AET), a non-profit foundation incorporated in Washington, DC by retired U.S. foreign service officers to provide the American public with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states.

The Why Files

The Why Files, a popular and critically acclaimed web site that explores the science behind the news, has a new home. The Why Files [is] a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School, spinning off from the National Institute for Science Education (NISE), a National Science Foundation-funded think tank where it was founded and that has been its home for the past two-and-a-half years.

W. J. Murchison Community Center (Ohio)

Yes to Math, Knowledge is Power! Our mission is to educate and provide community support to alleviate the problems of underemployment, drug/alcohol abuse, peer pressure, and violence. We are committed to enhance the social and economic growth of the neighborhood residents in our service area. Our main tool for change is community based cyberpower. Community based cyberpower: community empowerment and organizing using computers and the Internet.
Malcolm X Conference: Audio proceedings of the conference Malcolm X: Radical Tradition and Legacy of Struggle, November 1990, Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York City.

Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan

WAPHA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit and independent organization founded by ZIEBA SHORISH-SHAMLEY, Ph. D. Its main goal is to promote awareness of the tragic human rights situation in Afghanistan and to advocate for social, political, economic and civil rights of the Afghan women and girls in that country. Gross violation of basic human rights continues to occur in Afghanistan.

Workers Party USA
Workers Power Global

The LRCI is a revolutionary communist organisation. We base our programme The Trotskyist Manifesto-and or day to day policies on the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, on the revolutionary documents of the first four congresses of the Third International and the Transitional Programme of the Fourth International. The League for a Revolutionary Communist International does not claim to be a revolutionary International: rather it is an international revolutionary tendency of groups fighting to build one. The last revolutionary International (the Fourth) collapsed in the years 1948-51. The LRCI is pledged to fight the centrism of the degenerate fragments of the Fourth International and to refound a Leninist Trotskyist International and build a new world party of socialist revolution. If you are a class conscious fighter against capitalism; if you are an internationalist-join us!

World Federation of Democratic Youth

55 years in the service of youth and their rights.

World Left Notes

Pagina di informazioni, analisi e commenti sulle forze politiche e i movimenti di sinistra di tutto il mondo

World Socialist Web Site

The World Socialist Web Site is the Internet center of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI). It provides analysis of major world events, comments on political, cultural, historical and philosophical issues, and valuable documents and studies from the heritage of the socialist movement. The WSWS aims to meet the need, felt widely today, for an intelligent appraisal of the problems of contemporary society. It addresses itself to the masses of people who are dissatisfied with the present state of social life, as well as its cynical and reactionary treatment by the establishment media.