ml-history: This web site presents external as well as internal papers from the Norwegian Workers' Communist Party (AKP) and other parts of the marxist-leninist movement i Norway. AKP closed in 2007, as the party joined in a merger to create Rødt (the Red Party). The AKP web pages are still here, almost exactly as they were in 2007. FAP is an archive and history project that has taken over as owner of the AKP archives. At this web site we will publish documents from AKP and other parts of the ml-movement.

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Stuff in English

Most of our stuff is in Norwegian, but there were also some publications in English, and as time goes, these will be digitalized, too.

So far we have:

  • Norwegian marxist-leninists intensify the struggle against social-imperialism. A resolution from the National conference of the Workers' Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), Norway, November 2–3, 1974 (a 100 page leaflet published in 1975; 10 Mb)
  • Class Struggle was an internatonal bulletin published by AKP(m-l) in the 1970s and '80s. It partly carried summaries of class struggle events in Norway and the activities of the party and other leftwing organizations, and partly it brought translations of political documents. A couple of issues were bilingual English/Spanish.

Some more texts in English and other languages were published when AKP was still up and running. Check the old AKP pages (flags in top yellow line).

Updated July 1st, 2012.