Class Struggle was an internatonal bulletin published by AKP(m-l) in the 1970s and '80s. It partly carried summaries of class struggle events in Norway and the activities of the party and other leftwing organizations, and partly it brought translations of political documents. It was planned to have four issues per year, but this does not seem to have been achieved. A couple of issues were bilingual English/Spanish.

Here we publish some of the issues. More will come as we get hold of them. Issues marked with (*) are double folded, so that the front and back pages are both printed of the last page when you unfold the paper to read.

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Class Struggle Aug 1976 Special issue
August 1976
The civil war in Angola, instigated by social-imperialism 16 pages B5, 4 Mb
Class Struggle no 9 No 9
March 1977 (*)
New communist daily in Norway
Soviet aggression, social-imperialism
Kampuchea, Poland
Trade unions, May day
8 pages, newspaper, 6 Mb
Class Struggle no 11 No 11
September 1978 (*)

Social-imperialism on Svalbard
USSR permanently annexes Norwegian territory
Veil lifted on secret army and CIA guerrilla groups
Successful May day
1978 wage settlements
12 slogans against crisis
Overproduction of oil
Comments on Albania–China disagreements

16 pages, newspaper, 12 Mb
Class Struggle no 12 No 12
October 1978 (*)
Special issue to support marxism-leninism Mao Tsetung thought and the scientific Three world theory
Five articles commenting on an Albanian text about Vietnam
Letter from the AKP(m-l) to the Party of Labor of Albania
8 pages, newspaper, 6 Mb
Class Struggle no 13 No 13
July 1979
AKP(m-l) comments on the open letter of the APA to the CPC
Bomb attack against class struggle demonstration
Vietnam out of Kampuchea
8 pages, newspaper, 6 Mb
Class Struggle no 14 No 14
November 1979 (*)
Sami people in hunger strike (The Alta River conflict)
Klassekampen on trial
Local elections
Norwegian revisionists support Vietnamese occupation
National budget 1980
One year of wage freeze
Official Norwegian racism
More comments on the Albania–China conflict
16 pages, newspaper, 12 Mb
Class Struggle no 15 No 15
January 1981 (*)
Declaration to the international communist movement 4 pages, newspaper, 3 Mb
Class Struggle no 16 No 16
August 1984
International declaration
The Philippines 1984
9 pages, newspaper, 7 Mb
Class Struggle no 17 No 17
July 1985

AKP(m-l) has developed into at mature party
The social-democrats
The women's question
The lesson to learn from China
The Soviet Union: Advanced capitalism

12 pages, newspaper, 9 Mb
Nos 16 and 17 are bilingual with a Spanish version starting at the other end.
Lucha de Clases no 16 No 16
Agosto 1984
Declaración internacional 7 pages, newspaper, 5 Mb
Lucha de Clases no 17 No 17
Julio 1985
AKP(m-l) un partido maduro
La cuestion de la mujer
El socialimperialismo: Capitalismo de una forma avanzada
Las enseñansas de China
8 pages, newspaper, 6 Mb

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