ml-history: This web site presents external as well as internal papers from the Norwegian Workers' Communist Party (AKP) and other parts of the marxist-leninist movement i Norway. AKP closed in 2007, as the party joined in a merger to create Rødt (the Red Party). The AKP web pages are still here, almost exactly as they were in 2007. FAP is an archive and history project that has taken over as owner of the AKP archives. At this web site we will publish documents from AKP and other parts of the ml-movement.

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The project publishes internal and external documents (magazines, pamphlets, books, general orders from the leadership, posters, flyers etc) in pdf-format (with one or more files per document). Thus you will be able to see and print exact copies of the document. Furthermore, the text will be searchable and ready for cut and paste. (Text recognition quality will vary with the quality of the original document.) Our work is mostly voluntary, and progress may vary.

Below is a rough listing of available and planned stuff. For details, check the Log (see left column). Some books, leaflets and magazines (also in English and other languages) were published when AKP was still up and running. Check the old AKP pages (menu in top yellow line).

  We have a special page listing English language stuff, e.g. several issuses of the international bulletin Class Struggle and the immigrant worker special issues of Klassekampen. The rest listed below is generally in Norwegian.

Tjen folket

Tjen folket (Serve the People) was the AKP internal magazine in the1970s and 80s. It started before in 1968 and was used by the party building groups until the party was founded in 1973. We have published around 140 issues, but unfortunately still lack some.

We also have published four issues of Enhet – Kritikk – Enhet (Unity – critique – unity), a joint bulletin where different ml-groups discussed during the party building period (around 1971).

There was a bunch of local magazines. Some were intenal, other were meant for distribution in the members' local area, at school or at work. We will publish what we get hold of, starting with the Oslo internal Fram for partiet, Fram kamerater from Trøndelag and Kamp og seier from Akershus. There are also some local flyers and leaflets from Akershus, Telemark and Rogaland.

Røde Fane

Røde Fane (Red Banner) is a theoretical magazine, published by the m-l movement/AKP since 1972. In 2005 it changed its name to Rødt! (Red!). The magazine is still published, now by the Red party. All issues from 1972 until 1990 are available here as pdf files. The same goes for most of the issues from 1969 to 1971, when the magazine was published by the marxist-leninist opposition of the NKP. At the old pages of AKP you will find Røde Fane 1991–2004 og Rødt! 2005–07 in html format. Rødt! now has its own web site,, with more recent stuff.


Klassekampen (Class Struggle) is a newspaper that faithfully has been on the street since 1969. First as a monthly, then weekly from 1973 and twice weekly as of 1976. From April 1st, 1977 KK is issued daily (except Sundays). So far we have published the first and second year and plan to present all issues from the time as a monthly. Also in line for this site is other writings about Klassekampen as a project. In 1977–78 the party published Sigden (The Sickle), a newspaper about agriculture and fisheries. In 1978–79, AKP and Klassekampen published a bilingual Sami/Norwegian paper called Sámiid-Hilat.

HMG nr 2, 1974

AKP(m-l) grew out of marxist-leninists in the parties SF (and its youth organization SUF, which turned into SUF(m-l)) and NKP (and others). SUF(m-l) got to be the youth organization of AKP(m-l), changing its name to Rød Ungdom (Red Youth). In 1974 the student organization NKS was founded. We will present papers and other publications from SUF(m-l), RU and NKS.

Sommerleir 1972

Summer camps were important gatherings for the movement. Often there would be daily camp papers, and we have published quite a lot of these.

Studiebok om imperialismen

AKP has published a lot of text books for studying. Some were for basic training of new or potential members, others had a more specialized topic. We aim to digitalize as many as possible and now have around 20 books and leaflets.

Materialisten nr. 6 Materialisten was a periodical that initially was published by AKP(m-l) at Oslo University as a magazine "for theory struggle". It developed and eventually became a radical peer-reviewed scientific journal. It closed in 2014. We have published the earliest issues.
Internasjonalen nr 1 Internasjonalen was a periodical mainly presenting documents from or regarding marxist-leninist organizations or liberation movements in other countries. Five issues were published in the late 1970s. All are available here.

Internal orders and messages from the leadership of the party were affluent, at least in the early years of the party. These could be organized in several ways, but we have chosen to stick to the order that we now have them in archive boxes. So far we have published several hundred communications, i.e the contents of three archive boxes.

A category of its own is publications about the party itself (and other m-l organizations): programs, annual reports, bylaws – and proposals and debates linked to this.

AKP and other parts of the movement have published houndreds of pamphlets and books. Some of the earliest (from before the formal founding of the party) are located here. We will else divide these publications into the following categories: classical texts, trade union politics and the fight for work, women's struggle, international solidarity, the international communist movement, defense questions, economy, history, other distinct topics (like environment, sports, racism) og other things.

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